Spotify free and without ads: in the future it will be possible

In Australia, the Active Media feature has been introduced, which allows users who don't have a premium subscription to not listen to ads

Listening to Spotify for free and without ads is the dream of every music fan. And now it has become a reality, and without having to use illegal practices. The streaming music service has launched Active Media in Australia, a feature that allows you to skip the ads and continue listening to your favorite songs, without the need to subscribe to Premium.

Hitherto, the ability to listen to music on Spotify without being interrupted by advertisements was reserved only for Premium users, with the new feature you can choose when to skip the commercials and continue listening to your favorite singer. For the moment, Active Media is only available in Australia, but Spotify says that in the coming months the feature will be made available in other countries.

How to listen to Spotify for free and without ads

The Active Media feature allows users to skip ads that do not interest them. Spotify's goal is not to eliminate advertisements, but to make people listen to only the ads that really interest them. By skipping an advertisement, Spotify senses that the user doesn't like that type of message and won't let them listen to it in the future. As stated by Spotify's management, the goal is to make music streaming even smarter: ads will be associated with the same system already used for playlists such as Discover Weekly, where users only listen to songs from music genres related to their tastes.

Active Media allows you to skip both audio and video ads. For Spotify, a service that mainly relies on advertising, it's a big challenge that goes to redesign its economic model based on a freemium service: the basic features are free, but to access the extra ones you need to subscribe to Premium. We'll see if and when the Active Media feature will arrive in Italy.