Spotify HiFi is the new high quality audio streaming service: how it works

Listening to your favorite tracks in high quality will now also be possible with the new music streaming service Spotify HiFi: here's how it works

Spotify is ready to launch its new high quality music service. It will be called Spotify HiFi and will bring to the devices of its subscribers all the music streaming in lossless format, with CD-style quality, to be listened to through their usual devices or speakers connected through the Spotify Connect system.

The news of the new Spotify service dates back just a few hours ago and was spread by the voice of the company itself during the digital event "Stream On". That of the platform is not the first attempt to bring music in high quality on the devices of its users. In fact, other competitors have already introduced special subscriptions dedicated to this format that allows the listening of richer and more performing sounds. The main names are those of Tidal and Amazon Music, while among the big absentees is Apple Music that, at least for the moment, would not have provided a premium version dedicated to high fidelity audio.

Spotify bets, once again, on quality audio

In the past Spotify had already tried to carry out tests with its users, related to the introduction of the higher quality music format. So far, however, the whole thing had never taken on such well-defined contours as it happened now with Spotify HiFi. In any case, already now subscribers can enjoy first-class listening, thanks to the maximum bitrate set at 320 kbps.

Spotify HiFi, at what price?

What is currently leaving Spotify subscribers on their toes are the prices of the new mode. Currently there is no information on the matter yet even if, as it already happens with the main competitors, the basic monthly subscription could involve an increase compared to the basic one, now set at 9.99 euros, and the Famyli one at 14.99 euros, which allows the simultaneous use of the platform for more users.

It is in fact customary for HiFi streaming services to be put on the market at a higher price than the basic one. Amazon has done so, which, unlike the 9.99 euro/month starter version, provides access to Amazon Music HD at a price of 14.99 euro/month. The same goes for Tidal HiFi: 19.99 euros/month compared to Premium (there is no free version, with advertising, as with Spotify) at 9.99 euros/month.

Spotify HiFi, waiting time for the service

Spotify has not yet announced when the service will be made available to all users. However, according to the first previews, the timing should not be very long since the introduction of Spotify HiFi could be scheduled for the second part of this year.