Spotify lancia una chat audio in stile Clubhouse: come funziona Greenroom

Anche Spotify cede alla moda delle chat audio e prova a rincorrere Clubhouse (che nel frattempo non corre più): ecco come funziona la nuova Greenroom.


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Non solo musica e podcast: Spotify lancia una chat audio in pieno stile Clubhouse. Born from the ashes of Locker Room, the new app has been christened Greenroom and is already available for download through the Android and iOS stores in more than 135 markets around the world, including Italy.

announced following the acquisition just a few months ago of Betty Labs, the company that created Locker Room, the voice conversation-based app was created with the intent to connect top creators with their fans in a simple and immediate way. Separate from the main app, so much so that it requires a separate download and the compilation of a profile with a different username than the one used on Spotify, Greenroom is ready to welcome the more than 365 million listeners who every day connect to the main application to satisfy their desire for sound.

Spotify Greenroom, how it works

Usersersersers who are just now accessing Greenroom for the first time can already count on a number of services and features. Among these, there is the ability to access using the Spotify login information, although - as already anticipated - it will be necessary to provide additional data to create the profile that will be displayed later by the users of the platform.

To this, then, is added the creation from scratch of rooms for live voice communication, along with the participation in those already active both in the role of listener and in that of protagonist. It will be enough, in fact, to raise your hand, through the appropriate button, to be introduced by guests and moderators to the audio discussion. And if what is said is considered interesting or valid, those present can double-tap on the photo of the interlocutor to give "gems", awards for value that are shown on the personal page.

Interaction with others includes a text chat, independent for each room, and the ability to add and follow participants and create a network of knowledge with which to keep in touch with the follow, reciprocal or otherwise. There is also the search, by interests and by username, the agenda with the incoming rooms and the opportunity to join groups by interests or other criteria chosen by the members.

Spotify Greenroom, what the future holds

As specified by Spotify's creative team, the alternative to Clubhouse will continue to evolve over time going more and more to meet the users' requests. The same goes for the topics of conversation, which will be further expanded from the main pillars that so far include music, sports, culture and entertainment.

During the summer, Spotify may already launch its Creator Fund, a program that will allow content developers to monetize their presence on Greenroom. Registration for the initiative, which is currently only available to U.S. residents, is open and you can already find out what the plans are for the coming months.