Spotify launches two new features: here are Singles and Live

The music streaming service is creating, in collaboration with artists, covers and original or live tracks to make the platform more exclusive

Spotify, the well-known music streaming service, continues its growth. During the last year, it has focused its efforts on improvements, particularly on playlists and acquisitions of original content. The objective is the exclusivity of the service and that's why two new functions were born: Singles and Live.

The Singles function involves the creation exclusively for Spotify of some lyrics revised by famous singers. An old track resumed with a new base maybe more modern, or a cover linked to an event, an artist or the release of an album. Singles is already available on Spotify and the first track released in this way was by singer Esperanza Spalding. L’artista statunitense ha rivisto in esclusiva per Spotify il suo brano “Unconditional Love”. In più la Spalding ha realizzato un altro contenuto originale: una cover di “If You Can See Me” di David Bowie. Anche questa sarà fruibile solo su Spotify.

Una nuova esperienza di ascoltare la musica

singles.jpgFonte foto: Redazione

Spotify Singles, la schermata del player web

Attualmente Spotify ha garantito che ha già realizzato oltre 20 brani per la nuova funzione Singles. E ha almeno altri 100 brani in cantiere per il suo nuovo servizio. Sarà comunque un modo nuovo di ascoltare la musica. Per differenziare queste canzoni dalle altre presenti Spotify ha scelto di realizzare dei video appositi. Pensati proprio per quel brano. But also images of great works of art to be combined with the music, in order to create a new method of listening to music on the service.

The Live function

The Live function can be guessed from the name itself: artists will go to Spotify locations to record some of their songs live. Special emphasis will be placed on some acoustic and even a cappella versions. The company has already produced material like this but in the future it will give even more emphasis to the originality of these songs and surprises are not excluded for the fans of the singers or for the most loyal Spotify users.