Spotify Music + Talk arrives in Italy: how to use it

With Spotify's new feature, it's possible to create radio podcasts by mixing voice and music: Spotify Music + Talk is now also available in Italy

Last October, Spotify Music +  Talk arrived, the tool that made it possible to merge music and words into a single podcast, all legally and without any problems regarding music rights. Using the functionality of the Anchor app, creators can bring their productions to life using music from Spotify's vast library, an advantage that, of course, is also reflected in listeners around the world.

After debuting in a select group of countries, namely the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand, Music Talk has now made its official appearance in another 15 new countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Definitely good news for Italy that, being among the choices of the second round, can now try all the features of the interesting feature included in the free application Anchor. After downloading the app to your smartphone or tablet, simply launch it and you'll be able to start creating episodes with simple taps of your finger.

Spotify Music + Talk, how to use

Using Spotify Music Talk is simple. After logging in to the app and then going to the "Tools" screen accessible from the bottom menu, you can already start making episodes without having any special technical skills. Anchor lets you import audio files directly from your device or record new ones, just with your voice or with the participation of friends. Once the connection to Spotify is completed from the "Music" section, the user can interact with the playlists saved on the connected profile; alternatively, he can search and select the songs he is interested in using the search bar at the top of the interface.

Having chosen everything you want to include in the broadcast, including the speech segments, the app automatically creates a playlist - fully editable - of the new episode. To access it, all you have to do is click on the cross-shaped icon in the top left corner: before finishing the operations, the entire list of music and audio files can be mixed as you like, and you can also listen to the program in preview and update production details such as title, description and cover at any time.

While the creators have over 70 million songs at their disposal, i.e. the entire Spotify patrimony, two different listening modes have been designed for the users. Once published, the podcast becomes available to everyone in its entirety for what concerns the part uploaded by the user while, for the music, the story changes: 30 seconds of preview for each song for free subscriptions and full track for Premium subscriptions.

Everyone, regardless of the type of subscription, can still show their support to the authors by saving podcasts, giving their "Like" and sharing their musical selection in the same way as normally happens with playlists.

Spotify Music + Talk, how to download it

Downloading Anchor from the main virtual stores, such as Apple's App Store and Google Play Store for Android, in a few moments you can start the new experience offered by Music Talk. There are two methods to create an account: direct, by providing the email address, or through third-party services including Gmail or Facebook.

Another novelty is represented by "Music is Talk: Unlocked", a series produced for the creators that helps to learn how to use the tool at its best and to find creative ideas for the recordings. This is not, however, the only proposal: browsing the vast catalog in the "Discover" section of Anchor there are many opportunities to enrich their knowledge on the subject and produce the next big hit of the web.