Spotify, parental control arrives: how it works

The streaming platform revamps its subscription offering, adding Family Premium. Available the filter that obscures sensitive content

More differentiation in subscription profiles. This is the strategy put in place by Spotify to grab more market share. With more than 50 million tracks available for streaming, the Swedish giant is refining its loyalty programs in order to offer each user the right product.

In recent times, Spotify seems to have focused on the Family plan. As of next October, for example, there will be greater control over the users of this plan, with the intention of unearthing the subscription "scoundrels". Taking advantage of geolocation, Spotify will try to understand if, actually, those who use the Family live in the same house or not. And that's not all: with the next update, parents will be able to check more precisely what their children are listening to and prevent them from accessing content that is not suitable for their age.

Spotify Premium Family: parental control arrives

The music streaming giant has announced a renewed plan dedicated exclusively to families: Spotify Premium Family. The new subscription features a number of new features, most notably Parental Control. The owner of the family plan will be able to monitor what their family members are listening to and, if they feel it's appropriate, activate a filter for explicit content. The filter is designed to protect children from inappropriate video and audio content.

The family playlist

The new, completely revamped Spotify Premium Family offers a range of benefits, from the Family Mix, an exclusive playlist that encompasses all the family's musical tastes and is regularly updated, to the new Discover Weekly playlist. Priced at just €15 per month, Spotify Premium Family allows up to six accounts to enjoy the benefits of premium membership, including ad-free listening and on-demand playback.