Spotify Premium Duo, the new subscription for couples

Spotify Premium Duo is the new subscription available on the music streaming platform. Here's how much it costs and who it's for

Spotify is thinking of young Italian couples: from today, the new "Premium Duo" subscription is also available in Italy (and in 54 other countries around the world), which, as the name suggests, can be used by two people. But that's not all, because the Duo subscription also brings with it other interesting features.

Spotify Premium Duo is a single plan for two users living under the same roof, with a monthly cost of 12.99 euros. Basically, it's a dual premium subscription: both users will have the classic benefits of the regular subscription, such as ad-free music listening, the ability to listen to songs on demand and a catalog of over 50 million songs and over 1 million podcasts from Spotify. Then there are the features specific to the Duo subscription, such as the "Duo Mix". But above all, it's the price that makes the difference: paying for a single 12.99 euro subscription compared to two 9.99 allows you to save, in two, a good 83.88 euros in a year. Spotify, on the other hand, gains by limiting the number of users who take advantage of the Family plan (from 14.99 euros per month, for a maximum of six users) without really living together with the other participants in the subscription.

Spotify Duo Mix: how it works

With Spotify Premium Duo the two users can either listen to music together or do it separately, each choosing a different track. Both can download music, make unlimited skips, not be disturbed by ads and have the "Duo Mix" playlist at their disposal.

Duo Mix is an automatic playlist that combines the music of both subscribers: it is compiled based on music genres, artists and individual songs listened to and grows as both users use the Spotify app. The profile icon of the user who first listened to that song appears next to each song played. You can't listen to this playlist offline, nor can you edit it by removing or adding tracks as you like.

How to activate Spotify Premium Duo

You can subscribe to a Premium Duo subscription whether you're already a Spotify Premium user or have never been one. After logging in with your premium account, in fact, we'll be able to turn your existing subscription into a Premium Duo subscription. Otherwise, if we don't have any subscription at all, we can subscribe to one from scratch.