Spotify Premium, price halved for students also in Italy

Good news for those who go to university and love music: Spotify's Premium for Students promotion valid for one year and renewable

Spotify at half price for students also starts in our country. The promotion launched a few months ago arrives also in Italy. The user will be able to subscribe to Spotify without ads at a 50% discount compared to the list price - so at 4.99 euros per month - including all the Premium features, such as offline listening.

To take advantage of the Premium for Students offer, the student must provide all the information proving that he or she is enrolled in any accredited university course to allow Spotify to verify that he or she is in the "eligible" category. You must provide your first and last name, valid educational institution, email address, date of birth, or other documents proving that you are eligible for the promotion in addition to your payment information. The verification of authentication on the platform will be done in collaboration with SheerID.

The offer can be renewed three times

The experiment must have been successful in the first three countries - USA, UK and Germany - since the music streaming giant has decided to extend it to another thirty-three countries, including Italy. The promotion lasts for one year from the date of registration and the subscription to the Premium Service will be automatically renewed, monthly and at full price, unless he activates another student discount offer. You are eligible to activate up to three additional discount periods by re-entering your information on the promotion's sign-up page, provided you are still a full-fledged university student.