Spotify: update doesn’t please users and creates constant bugs

Spotify has updated its functions and GUI but users are disappointed with the decisions made and there is no shortage of problems

An update usually brings with it a lot of good news. Smoother use, more security and even new functions to use. All true if the update in question doesn't concern Spotify. Several users are complaining to the music streaming app given the numerous bugs in the new version.

The update released by Spotify was shocking to several users. In addition to totally tweaking the app's GUI it also changed artist pages and search functions. Changes that didn't please users accustomed to the old way of interfacing with the app. It seems that the company decided on this solution to avoid running everything with Adobe Flash. The update was supposed to bring substantial improvements in the use of the app and in music playback. Instead, it seems that bugs and crashes are the rule.

Furious users

The problems with the update have caused the ire of users on Twitter and elsewhere. On the microblogging portal many have reported continuous bugs in the search functions, many can not get into their playlists and every time they try they see the words appear: "Oops, something went wrong during the loading of the playlist". Also, many complain that with the new version while you are listening to a song you cannot search for a song to play later. Many have said that the Radio function is no longer active while others, despite having the Premium version, continue to see advertisements. Apart from the numerous bugs, the new interface has also been harshly criticized as it is considered less intuitive than the old one. In the meantime, Spotify has responded to the huge amount of complaints by clarifying that it will soon release some changes to remedy all the problems.