Spotify, with the latest update resembles Apple Music

Spotify adds a very useful but not very original feature: here's what it is and how to use it

Spotify has made available a new update for iOS and Android. Starting with the downloadable version already today, users will be able to search the archive of songs on the platform by entering the lyrics of the songs. Although this new feature has a pleasant taste of novelty, in reality it is not completely, at least not for Apple Music users.

Apple users will have already noticed the similarities, not too hidden, with the music streaming service developed by Cupertino. In fact, the feature in question, by the name of Lyric Search, had already been introduced in the Apple Music app since September 2018, the release date of the mobile operating system update to iOS 12. Lyric Search had immediately been well received by users who, with this mode, had been able to find a valuable ally to find popular songs and less among the more than 50 million titles in the Apple archive.

Spotify and Lyric Search: what it consists of

Using the Spotify feature introduced with today's update is simple. Of great help for those who have trouble remembering song titles but not the lyrics, which sometimes get stuck in the memory without anything being able to remove them, it can be used directly from the app's search tab.

Inserting part of the song's lyrics in the search field, the app consults the database, providing a list of titles in which the text string in question appears.

Inputting a part of the lyrics of the song in the search field, the application searches the databases providing a list of titles with the lyrics string in question. A label with the words Lyrics match characterizes the results, so you can immediately identify the songs that match that specific type of search.

The feature was presented this morning by Spotify designer Lin Wang, who also shared some images from his Twitter account, allowing users to view the new graphical style of search results and start to familiarize themselves with it. From the screenshots, you can immediately notice the evolved structure of the results, with a photo of the album/single cover and lyrics divided on three lines where the song title, type of Song/Album and artist's name are shown and, in the last position, if it's a Lyrics Match.

Spotify: search by lyrics but not only

Search by lyrics is not the only Spotify news related to song lyrics. In fact, it's recent - specifically, we're talking about June 2020 - the update that allowed the Swedish company to add the display of lyrics in real time, that is, in time with the songs, through the service offered by Musixmatch. The agreement with the Bologna-based company has covered 26 countries worldwide, including Latin America and South East Asia. Nothing to do, however, for Italy, remained at least for now out of the games.