Spusu arrives in Italy: offers, network coverage and activation costs

Spusu has presented the first three offers for the Italian market: fixed prices and the possibility to change tariff without additional costs

Spusu is officially a new Italian telephone operator: the company has presented the first three offers (already activatable from the website) and in a press conference held online has illustrated the strategies for the future. As it was predictable, the company arrives in Italy focusing on the characteristics that led it to establish itself in Austria, fixed prices and a customer service always available.

The offers available at the launch in Italy are three: S-ole, M-are and L-una. S, M and L indicate the "sizes" of the tariffs. It starts with the smallest that offers 500 minutes and 10GB and arrives at the "size L" with 2000 minutes and 50GB of data. Prices start at 7.90 euros and go up to 13.90 euros per month. Una delle caratteristiche delle tariffe Spusu è la presenza della Riserva dati: se a fine mese restano SMS, minuti e dati inutilizzati, vengono trasformati in giga da utilizzare il mese successivo. Sul fronte dell’assistenza clienti, Spusu offre tre diverse opzioni: contatto telefonico, WhatsApp o per e-mail.

Spusu non prevede per il momento l’apertura di negozi fisici in Italia. Sarà possibile attivare il numero direttamente online, con la scheda telefonica che arriva a casa e l’attivazione che avviene da remoto. Ecco tutto quello che c’è da sapere su Spusu.

Offerte Spusu: costo, minuti, SMS e giga disponibili

Spusu ha lanciato tre offerte per il mercato italiano: S-ole, M-are e L-una.

  • S-ole prevede un costo di 7,90 euro con 500 minuti, 100 SMS e 10GB di traffico dati.
  • M-are ha un costo mensile di 9,90 euro con 1000 minuti, 200 SMS e 15GB di traffico internet.
  • L-una offre 2000 minuti. 500 SMS and 50GB of data traffic at 13.90 euros per month.

All three offers have included the Data Reserve service that allows you to convert the minutes, SMS and data traffic left over at the end of the month into gigs. The Data Reserve is 20GB for the S-ole offer, 30GB for the M-are offer and 100GB for the L-una tariff. For customers who purchase a SIM in the first three months, the Data Reserve will already be full, so they get extra gigs for free. In addition, subscription minutes can be used to call the rest of the European Union at no extra cost.

Paying services are blocked by default: users can choose to activate them via their personal area.

Spusu portability: how to do it

It is already possible to port your number with Spusu: just fill in the "portability request" option during the registration phase and the rest of the bureaucratic procedures will be taken care of by the telephone operator.

Spusu Italy network coverage

Spusu is a virtual telephone operator and relies on the WindTre network that covers the entire national territory. For the moment there is no VoLTE service and not even 5G. Available soon, however, eSIM cards.

Spusu activation cost

The activation of a Spusu card can only be done online: the new operator does not provide for the opening of physical stores. There are no activation costs for the offer, while shipping and delivery of the SIM card costs about 10 euros.

Recharge Spusu

There are currently two payment methods available for recharging the Spusu phone card: SEPA direct debit or credit card.

How to change offer with Spusu

The user has maximum freedom in changing offer with Spusu: it is possible to switch from M-are to L-una (or vice versa) without any additional cost. There is no limit to the number of offer changes.

Spusu Customer Service

One of the features on which the new mobile phone operator relies the most is the customer service. Spusu offers three ways of contact: via WhatsApp at 3780102000, via phone at 3780101000 or by sending an email to [email protected].

Spusu Application

The official application is also available where you can check the counters of your offer and stay up to date with the latest news from the Spusu world. The app is available on the Google Play Store, on the App Store and on App Gallery, the online store reserved for Huawei smartphones.