Spusu, the new Austrian phone operator with low-cost offers

Spusu is a new virtual phone operator that relies on Wind Tre's infrastructure. Here are the possible prices of the offers

A new low-cost virtual phone operator (MVNO) will arrive in 2020 on the Italian market. It is Spusu and the brand is of the Austrian Mass Response. The Italian company that will manage the operations is Spusu Italia Srl, with registered office in Bolzano. Spusu will rely on the Wind Tre network infrastructure.

In Austria Spusu has already conquered a good slice of the market thanks to the numerous offers that it puts to disposition of the customers. In this way the user can buy and pay only for the services he really needs. In fact there are 12 Spusu packages available for Austrian customers, not counting data-only offers and those with an upfront discounted annual fee. Finally, a feature of Austrian offers is that they can convert the value of calls and SMS not actually used during the billing period into Internet traffic. All prices, compared to the Italian market, are very advantageous.

Spusu's rates up to 10 euros

As MVNOnews reports, in Austria Spusu has rates starting at 3.90 euros per month, for 1 GB of data traffic, 100 minutes of calls and 50 SMS. With one euro more, therefore 4.90 per month, the GB becomes 3. This 4.90 euro rate, if it were to be brought to Italy, could allow Spusu to establish itself among younger customers. With 5.90 euros per month, again in Austria, Spusu offers 2 GB, 300 minutes and 50 SMS, while with 6.90 euros it offers 3 GB, 500 minutes and 100 SMS. At 7.90 euros per month, the offer increases to 4.1 GB, 500 minutes and 500 SMS while one euro more gives 6 GB, 600 minutes and 500 SMS. Two tariffs follow, both for 9.90 euros: the first with 10 GB, 600 minutes and 500 SMS and the second with 13 GB, 500 minutes and 500 SMS.

Spusu's tariffs above 10 euros

The four remaining Austrian Spusu tariffs are priced between 12.90 euros and 36.90 euros per month. With 12.90 we have 20 GB, 500 minutes and 500 SMS. With 14.50 euros 30 GB, 500 minutes and 500 SMS. At 19.90 euros per month Spusu offers 50 GB, 500 minutes and 500 SMS and, finally, with 36.90 euros per month offers 100 GB, 500 minutes and 500 SMS.

Spusu's data-only rates

To these 12 voice, SMS and data packages Spusu adds other data-only offers. They start at 5.90 euros per month for 10 GB of 4G traffic and go up to 34.90 euros per month for 100 GB. However, calls and SMS are paid separately: 4 cents per minute and 4 cents per message.

When Spusu will arrive in Italy

There is no certain date regarding the arrival of Spusu in Italy. The Austrian company is finalizing the bureaucratic paperwork. The end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020 should be the time when the new virtual phone operator will make its debut in Italy.