Squid Game: all the speculations about the second season

After the huge success, the TV series Squid Game could have a second season: here's what Netflix has revealed and what are the plans of the director

The South Korean TV series entitled Squid Game continues its climb to success: it is now a real media case and has nothing to envy to works of the caliber of The House of Paper and Bridgerton. Arrived on Netflix on September 17, the first season has already climbed the rankings of the most viewed content on the channel.

For those who do not yet know, the series is set in a dystopian world where a large group of characters is recruited to participate in a challenge rather unique: they must play a series of games typical of children, from tug-of-war to marbles. The peculiarity is that the loser is brutally killed. The eventual winner gets a prize pool of about 45 billion won, or $40 million. It is currently the most viewed non-English-language series ever. The success came out of the blue and now audiences are clamoring for a second season. Both Netflix and the director have already made some statements about it.

Squid Game 2 will be made: what Netflix says

The Netflix top brass, after a few weeks since the launch of the series, show themselves quite surprised by the popularity of Squid Game. In particular, they did not expect so much success in Western countries. It's a different story in South Korea, where the content has reached such a high level of traffic that it has even created problems with the internet.

Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos said the series could be the most important ever for the platform. While the head of international productions Bela Bajaria was sure of the success in Korea, but did not foresee such a dense and massive word of mouth in the rest of the world. Even in Italy the content is having a huge success and on Amazon there is already a rush to buy gadgets and Halloween clothes of the characters.

The platform seems strongly interested in continuing the project, but we need to understand what are the intentions of the creator and director of the series, Hwang Dong-hyuk.

Second season Squid Game: what the creator thinks

Hwang Dong-hyuk, this is the name of the creator, screenwriter and director of Squid Game, who has already made some statements about his creature.

From the very beginning he admitted that he struggled to write the script: in fact, up to that moment he had only produced scripts for movies. He added that he generally works alone and it took him six months to create the first two episodes.

With regards to the second season, he concluded by saying that he has no precise plans but in case it continues, he would definitely involve other experienced writers and directors.

During an interview he revealed that the new plot could revolve around a main character and focus on police investigations. The first season, however, has an open ending, which leaves ample freedom for the writing of the second part.

In short, even Hwang Dong-hyuk has left a glimmer of hope for all fans. All that remains is to wait for new anticipations and in the meantime watch other series similar to Squid Game already present in the various streaming platforms.