Squid Game in Italian, Netflix announces: dubbing is available

The streaming platform announces the availability of dubbing in Italian of the most watched TV series ever, but purists turn up their noses

Squid Game is the most watched TV series ever on Netflix, in the Italian top ten for 9 weeks and now in third place preceded by Narcos Mexico and, above all, by Strappare lungo i bordi by Zerocalcare. A huge success, despite the fact that it is not dubbed in Italian but is available only in the original language (narrow Korean), with subtitles. The good news, however, has finally arrived: Squid Game dubbed in Italian is now available.

The announcement was made by Netflix itself, through a post on its official Italian page on Facebook: "The Italian dubbing of Squid Game is now available. Don't worry, we'll notify Jin-Woo Hae." If you don't know Jin-Woo Hae, don't worry: you haven't missed any episode of Squid Game, he is simply the protagonist of the sketch published by Netflix to announce the Italian dubbing of the TV series. Sketch that you can safely avoid seeing, because it is not the most successful. What you won't be able to avoid is watching all 9 episodes of Squid Game, until yesterday available only in Korean, without having to strain your eyes to read the Italian subtitles.

Squid Game in Italian is already available

Squid Game has already achieved success in the original language, but as soon as Netflix realized how important this TV series was, it immediately dubbed it in English, German, Spanish and French. Italian was missing, to make happy the approximately 2 million Netflix subscribers in our country.

The dubbing is now there. But right now: just log on to Netflix and search for Squid Game to get the dubbed version right away, even if the original language version is still available for Korean series purists.

Note in the news, not confirmed by Netflix but by logic: Squid Game 2 will be available in Italian right away.

Squid Game in Italian: not everyone celebrates

The aforementioned Korean TV series purists, however, did not all celebrate the announcement of Squid Game in Italian. In the same post announcing the dubbed version, for example, there were comments like "If you didn't watch it only because it lacked Italian dubbing, you shouldn't watch it at all".

Others, however, point out that the quality of Italian dubbing in recent times is lower than the (historically excellent) one we were previously used to.

Others, however, tell it like it is: there are subscribers who, due to vision problems, have difficulty following the subtitles. Or who, perhaps, like to follow an episode while doing something else and cannot stay in front of the screen to read the subtitles.