Stadia arriva anche per le Android TV: come scaricarlo

Grandi novità da Google per il servizio di gaming Stadia: sarà possibile scaricarlo anche per le Android TV e arrivano nuovi giochi


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Su Google Play Store è sbarcata un’interessante novità. Si tratta dell’applicazione Google Stadia, ora disponibile per i dispositivi Android Tv. Present for the first time in the version dedicated to these special devices, the app does not miss the opportunity to enrich itself with sports-themed titles: what are they and what is there to know.

Among the weaknesses of Stadia there has always been the lack of availability of the app on the different devices on sale on the market, including those produced by Google itself. This has caused many users to fall back on other, more widely distributed competitors, regardless of the manufacturer involved. For Stadia, now, the time is finally ripe to take the big leap. The news of the debut on Chromecast with Google TV and not only was leaked just a few weeks ago. Now, even with a couple of days in advance, came the official confirmation from the Mountain View giant.

Google Stadia, when it arrives on Android TV

Starting today, June 23, Big G's service dedicated to gaming makes its appearance on the company's virtual store. The differences between the software optimized for Android TV devices and the others do not pass only the name, but also the size of the installation file. It goes from 100 mb for mobile to "only" 56 mb, a little more than half, for the robot's TV device.

Having accessed the app, the platform is still inaccessible and it is impossible to play. Users, however, can view an account screen that anticipates some details. In it, the user is asked to choose the Google profile to be used, thus confirming the possibility of using Stadia by multiple players, unlike what happens with the application for smartphones and tablets. In addition, there is also the presence of Party Chat, the room dedicated to voice conversations.

Google Stadia, games coming soon

New devices also call for new games. For American football fans subscribed to Stadia, everything is almost ready for Madden NFL 22, a sports-oriented video game that focuses on one of the most famous disciplines of the American nation. The pre-orders for the title that will be released during the next month of August are already open.

But there's more: here is in fact tick Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game, a unique package in which the sports of the Olympic event coexist. The game can count on a precise feature: Crowd Play beta. We are talking about a feature that allows streamers to play together with their followers, creating a more engaging and fun user experience.