Stalkscan, the site that knows everything about you and your friends

Stalkscan is a tool that allows you to access everything that is public on Facebook: images, videos, posts, comments. All it takes is one click

It is now a fact that all our online behavior takes away a part of our privacy. However, not everyone is aware that some of this information is accessible to anyone. We are reminded of this by Stalkscan, a tool for Facebook created by an "ethical" hacker.

The system, developed by Belgian Inti De Ceukelaire, with a simple click is in fact able to show us that huge slice of data that on Facebook is public, therefore available to any person. Images, videos, posts, comments: in a few seconds you can find anything. Even embarrassing information that naive users would have wanted to keep hidden. The tool, which is nothing more than a website, brings to light data without the correct protection measures. All you have to do is copy and paste the link to the profile of the person you want to spy on, and you're done. As you can guess from its name, Stalkscan is a tool that allows you to snoop on everything that is public on Facebook.

How Stalkscan works

The operation of the tool of the "ethical" hacker, as Inti De Ceukelaire called himself on Twitter, is partly reminiscent of the controversial Graph Search, the search engine launched in 2013 by Facebook that had raised some concerns about user privacy. The site created by the hacker, with an essential design, also allows the curious to customize the search. In fact, Stalkscan provides several categories through which to peek into public information, including, as mentioned, mainly photos, videos, posts, and comments. The site, moreover, would not violate users' privacy either. Stalkscan in fact collects what Facebook members, with superficiality, have decided to share publicly.

Watch out for privacy

It is important, therefore, to think twice before posting something on social media. With one click anyone can know everything about us. To avoid that a part of our life ends up in the hands of someone, it is therefore good to be careful. Check your privacy settings and avoid, if you can, sharing data that you might regret one day.