Star Wars Battlefront II and Need for Speed, the novelties of EA Play 2017

From the stage of E3, Electronics Arts presented all the video game novelties of 2017: ranging from the return of Nba Live to the new A Way Out

As has been the case for a few years now, Electronic Arts inaugurated E3 2017, the trade show dedicated to video games that takes place in Los Angeles, with its event dedicated to the novelties that will be launched between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. For the most part, the list of video games had already been announced beforehand, but there was no shortage of novelties.

The initial part was dedicated to sports video games. In addition to the usual Madden NFL and Fifa, Electronic Arts also presented Nba Live 2018. Already last year the American company had tried to undermine NBA 2K17 from the throne of the best basketball simulation for consoles, with poor results. This year it tries again with many new features and a new graphics engine. Another highly anticipated title was Star Wars: Battlefront II, sequel to the shooter released two years ago. For the second edition, EA promoted a very compelling single player campaign and novelties for the online multiplayer as well.

Finally, the big news of EA Play 2017 was "A Way Out", a new video game coming out in 2018 that promises to introduce a completely new gameplay. Finally, Electronic Arts, from the E3 2017 stage announced big investments in the e-sports sector, a growing market, especially on the other side of the Ocean. Here are all the news presented at EA Play 2017.

Nba Live 2018, Madden 2018 and Fifa 2018

The beginning of EA Play 2017 was dedicated to Electronic Arts' sports video games. Opening the dances was Madden NFL 2018, the video game dedicated to American football. From the images shown, even the NFL series will have its "The Journey" mode that will show a young boy just out of college facing all the difficulties of the professional world.

On NBA Live 2018, Electronic Arts has dwelt very little, showing only a few gameplay videos. The graphics seem to have made great strides, but being able to close the gap with NBA 2K18 will be complicated.

Finally, great attention was paid to the new features of Fifa 18. The most important is the collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo, who in addition to putting his face on the cover, has also worked with developers to improve the movements of the players and animations. For the "The Journey" mode, big news and a longer longevity have been announced.

Need for Speed Payback

A little bit Need for Speed and a little bit Fast and Furious. So it seems to be the new Need for Speed Payback that will hit the shelves in mid-November. The new chapter will try to return to the typical dynamics of the video game, with illegal racing and escapes from the police. But Electronics Arts has promised that there will be much more action than in the past and a substantial novelty: the characters to control will be three.

Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II was highly anticipated especially by fans of online shooters. There are many new features compared to the first chapter, both in the single player and online multiplayer modes. Electronic Arts has assured that there will be more content and DLC (downloadable content) to download for free during 2018.

A Way Out

As often happens in presentations of the genre, Electronic Arts has also shown a game that was never heard of until now: A Way Out. As stated by the American software house, the video game will feature a different gameplay than the classic action games. The whole video game is based on the collaboration between two players who will have to impersonate the two protagonists of A Way Out. The story will focus on the escape from a prison, but that won't be the only setting of the video game. We'll have to wait until 2018 to see A Way Out on the shelves.