State of Play PS4 and PS5 games, how to follow live the event Sony

Sony has organized for August 6 at 22:0 a State of Play where it will show new video games for PlayStation 4, PS VR and PS5

Sony has given appointment to this evening at 22:00 Italian hours for a new event State of Play. This is the series of online meetings in which the Japanese company shows the news about video games and consoles. After the success of last June's event, which focused entirely on PS5 titles and console design, Sony now wants to do the same, focusing the event on PS4 and PS VR titles.

Those who expected an event to reveal the price of the PlayStation 5 will, unfortunately, be disappointed. To reiterate this is Sid Shuman, Senior Director, SIE Content Communications at Sony, who in a post on the official PlayStation blog reiterated the concept: "There will be no update on the hardware, pre-orders, price or release date of the PlayStation 5. Thursday's event will focus solely on upcoming games for the Sony ecosystem." That means, in simple terms, that the focus of the State of Play on August 6 will be only on the video games coming out for PS4, PS VR and PlayStation 5.

What Sony will present at the State of Play on August 6

Those hoping to finally learn the price and release date of the PlayStation 5 will have to wait a little longer, probably a new event coming this August or September at the latest.

Today's State of Play will last more than forty minutes and will focus entirely on video trailers and gameplay of titles coming in the next few weeks or months for PlayStation 4, PS VR and indie titles for PlayStation 5. There will be no video games developed by PlayStation Studios, so they will be third-party or independent titles.

What time does the August 6 State of Play start

The date is set for 10:0o p.m. Italian time.

How to follow Sony's State of Play

Like all the events that companies are organizing at this time, the August 6 State of Play will only be available online. You'll be able to follow it via live streaming from PlayStation's YouTube or Twitch channel.