State Police Alert: Fake stock notices to steal data

Cyber security experts have discovered a new cyber scam, hackers disguise themselves as couriers to get us to click on a malicious link

When we wait for a shipment to arrive home via courier, we are more likely to look at our email address to monitor delivery times.

The latest threat of this kind has recently been identified by the men of the Italian State Police who, through their official Facebook page, put all Italian Internet users on alert. Many users, in fact, are receiving fake stock notices for parcels never delivered. Inside the mail message there is a link, thanks to which you can request a new sending of the package. Obviously, this is a scam attempt based on phishing and social engineering to push users to "give away" their personal data.

How to recognize scams related to online shipping

Specifically, recognizing the fraudulent email message is really simple. Let's start by analyzing the text of the fake package delivered by SDA: as you can guess even with a quick reading, the text was generated with an automatic translator and has numerous spelling mistakes and entire sentences with a fuzzy meaning. Even if we are waiting for a parcel from an online shipment, therefore, let's remember to always read carefully what an email says before clicking on a link.

Secondly, it is important to remember that any additional costs or parcels to be picked up at specific counters will be provided to us by the courier both via email and telephone. So, if we have any doubts, before deeming the message to be true, we make a call to the courier's customer service department to find out more.