Steam isn’t working today, what’s happening

Since 17:00 on December 29 you can't access Steam, the platform where many software houses make their videogames available.

You're not the only ones who can't play Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Dota 2 and Counter Strike (just to name a few videogames that are registering problems in these minutes), like you there are thousands of gamers who can't access their personal profiles. The reason is very simple: Steam's servers are down and no one can access their personal account.

Steam is the online platform developed by Valve where you can buy and play thousands of video games. The problems with Steam started around 5pm, when users from different parts of the world started reporting that they couldn't connect with their account on the platform. Valve hasn't released any information, but it's very likely that Steam's servers are down and that's why users can't log in. On Twitter, the hashtag #steamdown has immediately climbed among the trending topics, becoming one of the topics of discussion of the evening. It's hard to predict the duration of the Steam downtime: the platform could be back online in a few minutes or a few hours.

Why Steam is down on December 29

The first reports of Steam down arrived around 5pm. Checking on the website, a portal where users report when a service is not working, it is clear that the problem does not only concern Italy, but is spread all over the world. Among the reports published by users, there are messages from the United States, Eastern Europe and even Italy. If Steam doesn't work, thousands of users find it impossible to play their favorite titles. Valve has not yet released any comment, but it is very likely that the Steam servers have gone down and it is impossible for players to access their personal accounts. Surely the technicians are already working to resolve the situation: a few hours and everything will return to normal. We will keep you updated on how the situation evolves.

Update 6pm. The situation is slowly returning to normal: the number of reports is decreasing and many players have been able to access their personal profiles.