Stolen dances in Fortnite: Alfonso Ribeiro abandons lawsuit

The controversy related to the alleged stolen dances from the videogame Fortnite: Alfonso Ribeiro abandons the lawsuit

As many of you already know, the famous game Fortnite by Epic Games (whose eighth season is going very well) has been at the center of some controversies related to the rights of allegedly stolen dances.

Numerous famous faces from the world of entertainment and web stars have in fact denounced Epic Games, accusing the video game production company of having stolen their dance moves (then made available for a fee within the game).

The issue is however taking a decidedly complicated turn: a few days ago, Alfonso Ribeiro (author of the Carlton Dance) was forced to cancel his lawsuit against Epic Games, because the U.S. body of competence has in fact established that the actor did not hold any right to the dance and could not therefore make any claim.
Same fate for Orange Shirt Kid, Backpack Kid and 2 Milly who had to follow in Ribeiro's footsteps. The battle, however, at the moment, is far from over: there are those who are moving to obtain the copyright of their dances and return again to give Epic Games a hard time. Will they succeed?