Stop calls from call centers: the new register arrives

The opposition register has arrived for cell phones too: by 2020 you can avoid calls from call centers

How many times has a call from a call center to your cell phone disturbed you in the middle of a business meeting or during a family lunch? At that moment you would have wanted to register immediately in the opposition register.

Haven't you ever heard of it? It is a service where you can register your number to prevent call centers from making calls. Until now, it was only possible to enter landline phone numbers and your address, so you can avoid paper advertisements delivered to your home. Soon there could be great news: the arrival of the new opposition register dedicated to cell phone numbers. The proposal comes from the Ministry of Development and will soon arrive at the Council of Ministers. If the proposal is approved, call centers will have to give up 20 million landline numbers and 83 million mobile numbers.

Register of oppositions for cell phones: how will it work?

With the activation of the new register, call centers will no longer be able to call mobile numbers at any time of day to propose phone offers, related to electricity, gas or pay TV platforms. It will be forbidden to make direct sales calls, to carry out market research, to send offers by mail and for commercial communications of any kind.

How will it work?

Subscription to the opposition register will be free of charge and accessible to both individuals and organizations and associations. In addition to direct sales calls, it will prohibit those used for market research, for sending offers by mail and for commercial communications of any kind.

It will be possible to register in various ways: filling in a form on the official website; calling the number made available by the ministry; sending an e-mail to the address on the official website or sending a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. All contacts will be available on the platform of the Register of Oppositions.

Operators, before making any call, will have to make sure that the number is not in the register. In order to consult this database, a request to the Ministry of Economic Development and the payment of an annual fee will be required to have access to blocked numbers.

Addio call center calls: when will the register be approved?

Unfortunately, the process to approve the new list will not be quick. It all starts with Law 5 of 2018, which has been in the works for a few years. In fact, in addition to being approved by the Council of Ministers, it is necessary to consider the collaboration of companies that operate call centers and consumer associations to understand how to manage the registry and make it work. Probably, the law and the new opposition register will be approved by the winter of 2020, however, the exact date is not yet known.