Stranger Things 4: all the previews on the new season

It seems all set for filming but the official start date continues to be unofficial. Here's what we know so far about the Netflix show

Even, Will, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and even the Demogorgon: we really miss everything about Stranger Things. For over six months now, there has been no definite news related to the famous show. The filming of the TV series had begun in February but immediately suspended and postponed because of the pandemic.

And yet, in these days, something moves. Rumors about the beginning of filming are increasingly insistent and produce the joy of fans. The third installment of the series broadcast by Netflix came out now more than a year ago and left many questions unanswered. The Coronavirus emergency in the United States is still high, which is why filming has been postponed several times. Now, however, according to many rumors, there is a date for the return to the set, they talk about the end of September. If so, we could see the new episodes by the beginning of next year. Of course, these are rumors, Netflix has never confirmed the actual return to the set.

Stranger Things 4: when does the filming of the new season begin

Currently, the work on Stranger Things, like those of other TV series, are stopped because of the Coronavirus. Specifically, the filming of the program had begun in February in Atlanta but after a few weeks had been suspended by the director and the production as a precautionary measure. In fact, they were already starting to talk about the circulation of the virus.

After months of waiting, finally sprouts the date of the restart. Deadline has indicated for the next 28 September the beginning of the filming always in the studios of Atlanta, that it accommodates the historical set of the show. The header has however recalled that this is a provisional date and there are no official communications. Netflix did not want to release any comment about it. It seems that the continuation of the TV series is a mystery to everyone.

This anticipation, however, has already made the rounds of the world and produced a sense of expectation in the public. However, we will have to wait several months to see the new episodes in streaming, also because the situation is still uncertain and especially the crew will have to move around the world because scenes are also planned abroad. And now we know that moving is quite difficult.

Stranger Things: news of the fourth season

The third season ended with the presumed death of one of the main characters: Jim Hopper (played by David Harbour) the chief of police of Hawkins is actually alive but is held prisoner in Russia. Another mystery is related to a mysterious American who is mentioned at the end of the third season: will it be him or a new character?

The creators Matt and Ross Duffer will have to clarify, but they have already anticipated that the fourth season will be the most terrifying of all.

In addition, they have released a photo that should be the cover of the first episode of the new season, where it reads the title "Chapter One: The Hellfire Club" many have wondered what it refers to. Will and his friends will decide to call themselves that from now on?

Another news to be confirmed is related to Eleven, a character played by Millie Bobby Brown: in the new chapter she will be kidnapped by the Mindflyer and will become evil. In short, the rumors are continuous but all to be confirmed. We just have to wait for the release of the new season, but to fool the time we can review the third season available on Netflix.