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Will the love between Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers endure the distance? Stranger Things 4

Stranger Things is preparing to return to streaming on Netflix with season four and there are many threads left open in season three. If the fate of Sheriff Jim Hopper holds the breath, many are curious to see the evolution of the love story between Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers, who will come to terms with the distance.

Love is not one of the central themes of the popular Netflix fantasy series, but it accompanies the story and its characters. There's Eleven and Mike, who as friends find themselves in their first love experience. There's the chemistry between Sheriff Hopper and single mother Joyce Byers, stifled by the difficulties of the adult world. And then there is the story between Nancy and Jonathan, who after two seasons see the birth of a feeling that will be put to the test by distance. Although the sentimental aspect plays a marginal role in the unfolding of events, the Duffer brothers know how to use it wisely, between irony and concreteness, without falling into cliché.

Stranger Things 4, which end for Nancy and Jonathan?

A relationship is never simple, especially if you find yourself fighting against the monsters of the Underworld, between secret military experiments and a fight against time to save the world. Even less simple to handle is a long-distance relationship, moreover set in the eighties, where technology doesn't help as much as today's communication. This is well known by the very young Dustin Henderson, who in the third season of Stranger Things to talk to his girlfriend Suzie takes his friends to walk for hours to get to a repeater that would allow him to talk to her.

In Stranger Things 4 the theme of long-distance love will return, but this time the protagonists will be Nancy Wheeler, played by Natalia Dyer, and Jonathan Byers, played by Charlie Heaton. In the finale of the third season, the two say goodbye to each other due to his move with his brother Will and mother Joyce, but staying in touch will not be easy.

To launch some indiscretions are the actors themselves, talking in some interviews about their characters in Stranger Things. The words spoken make us think of a possible closure of this love story, born during the first two seasons, up to materialize precisely in the third with a forced separation. To know what the creators of the series, the Duffer brothers, have in store for the two, we must wait for the arrival of Stranger Things 4.