Stranger Things 4, when will the new season come out

After the interruption caused by the pandemic, work on the TV series is ready to start again. When will the new episodes be released? Here's all the news

Stranger Things 4 is one of the many TV series to have been affected by the pandemic. In fact, the virus hit the world in the middle of filming, which had to stop suddenly. They should have lasted from January to August, but in March the production sent everyone home, without giving a precise date on the recovery of the work.

Now that the situation is gradually returning to normal, the work should resume. Fortunately, the actors have revealed some details related to the return to the set, while Netflix has already released plot previews. For example, we know that Hopper is alive but is far away from Hawkins. Unfortunately, we don't know much else about the upcoming episodes, but there is one certainty: the cast will not be changed. By now, fans are accustomed to share the events with all the protagonists of the series, from Eleven to Joyce and all the others.

When will Stranger Things 4 be released?

The audience began to ask questions about the fate of the TV series as early as the third season. At the time, a post by Millie Bobby Brown on Instagram just after the end of filming had triggered the concern of fans: in the caption, the young actress who plays Eleven said goodbye to her colleague Sadie Sink, who plays Maxine in the series.

It seemed that the series would end with the third season, but Brown quickly clarified in a post that it was just a farewell and that she is a very sentimental and romantic person. Even Netflix took care to reassure fans, announcing the release of season 4 in September.

In recent months it was Gaten Matarazzo, the actor who plays Dustin, who made public important news. He announced that filming for season 4 will officially resume in fall 2020. Considering post-production, we could then see Stranger Things 4 in the spring of 2021. For the moment, Netflix has not commented on this, but of course we are waiting for the official news.

Stranger Things 4: plot previews

As it happened in the previous seasons, Stranger Things 4 will leave us with bated breath for most of the time. However, there are some news: the setting moves from Hawkins to Russia, where Hopper is locked up, and he is still alive.

About this character, played by David Harbour: the new season will focus on his figure, telling a bit of his past. Probably his friends will try to save him, and then return to the small American town, which is threatened by a new monstrous creature. Another novelty concerns the protagonists, who we will see grown up, now teens and no longer children. Adolescence is a complicated time and probably will be for the characters in the series as well.

We also learn that Joyce has moved out and brought her children and Eleven with her and that the Russians have a Democane and are probably able to overtake the Underworld.