Stranger Things 4 will reveal important truths: here are which ones

David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper in the series, revealed interesting details about the fourth season during New York Comic Con. Here's what he said

While Netflix is constantly producing new hit TV series, such as Squid Game, audiences aren't forgetting about the ones that have been on hold for months, still waiting for an ending. In particular, we refer to Stranger Things, which due to Covid-19 has been blocked for a long time now. Netflix should officially include it in the catalog in 2022.

Despite the difficulties, the cast has never stopped talking about the new episodes, many have called them the most spectacular ever. Among the various previews released on Stranger Things 4 stand out those of David Harbour, the interpreter of Sheriff Jim Hopper. By now it is certain that the character will return in the fourth season, he is not dead, indeed he is alive and well and is in Russia. At the end of the third season, in fact, he had been kidnapped and there were serious fears for his life. The actor, while attending a meeting of the New York Comic Con let himself go to some indiscretions about the new episodes.

Stranger Things 4: what is the fate of Jim Hopper

The actor David Harbour gave an interview in which he also spoke about the new season of Stranger Things. The first teaser released by Netflix showed his character doing hard labor in an icy Russian landscape, so the audience understood that Sheriff Hopper was still alive and was far away from Hawkins, the town where the series is set.

Harbour revealed that the fourth season will run over multiple storylines and time arcs. The new episodes will have clear references to old movies, such as The Great Escape and Alien 3. He also said that his character will do everything to return home, but it will be difficult because in the prison where he is segregated there is the Demogorgon.

Stranger Things 4: Eleven's Dark Past

The plot will also reveal new details about Eleven's (Millie Bobby Brown) past and her relationship with Dr. Martin "Papa" Brenner (played by Matthew Modine). In particular, we will learn about Creel House, a spooky house located in Hawkins where several murders took place that shook the town.

In Creel House lived a mysterious man, Victor Creel, played by Robert Englund (actor who played the role of Freddy Kruger), who killed his entire family. This place is related to the Underworld, but to understand in what way we will have to wait for the fourth season. Moreover, in the new episodes, the audience will finally move away from Hawkins to discover new locations: in addition to the Russian prison where Hopper is locked up, they will also get to know the new home of the Byers family, who had moved at the end of the third season.

David Harbour then ended by saying that Stranger Things 4 will finally unveil some of the truths and stories that were only hinted at until now.