Stranger Things, after the TV series also comes the movie?

Season 4 of Stranger Things is still not available on Netflix and there is already talk of a fifth season: but what if a movie were to close the popular TV series?

The fourth season of Stranger Things will not be released until 2021 on Netflix, but there is already talk of a fifth season for a grand finale. What if, instead of another season, a movie was the one to close the popular streaming television series? This is the rumor that is becoming more and more insistent.

In the past it was rumored that Stranger Things 4 would be the final chapter of the TV series signed by the Duffer brothers. Although it's still in post-production and won't likely be released until next year, the actors who play the beloved characters have let slip a few comments hinting at a concluding fifth chapter. Netflix could decide to close the series by turning it into a movie, thus saving on production and finding a solution to offer a worthy ending to the beloved television series.

Stranger Things, the finale with a movie?

From the latest rumors, however, it seems that Netflix has not discarded a solution that would leave fans amazed, but not disappointed. Instead of another season, Stranger Things could become a movie with the task of closing all the stories and write the word end to the saga of the youngsters of Hawkins fighting with the monsters of the underworld. The series, born as a tribute of the Duffer brothers to the eighties, could then turn into a feature film with the difficult task of finding a conclusion to all the story lines left open at the end of the third season and those still open at the end of the fourth to come.

Stranger Things 4, the previews

What is now certain is that Sheriff Jim Hopper, played by actor David Harbour, is not dead at the end of the third season. Between the actor's indiscretions and rumors, it seems clear that Sheriff Hopper will have a central role in Stranger Things 4, with the setting that from Hawkins and the upside down moves to Russia.

It will then be inevitable to find ourselves facing the theme of adolescence of the protagonists Eleven, Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas and Max, now grown up and no longer children. The escape of Joyce Byers, played by Winona Ryder, and the relationship of Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers, will also find space in the upcoming fourth season, with the launch postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic that delayed the conclusion of filming and post-production.