Stranger Things, the fifth could be the last season

While fans wait for Strangers Things 4, rumors about the fifth season are unleashed: will it be the final one for the Duffer Brothers' series?

Stranger Things 4 hasn't arrived on Netflix yet, but an icy shower is already putting fans of the popular Duffer Brothers' TV series in crisis. The fifth season, according to rumors circulating even among the actors, could be the final one for the adventures of the very young protagonists of Hawkins.

The production of the fourth season of Stranger Things was stopped due to the Covid-19 emergency, leaving the most loyal fans with bated breath waiting to know the fate of Sheriff Jim Hopper. And if the next chapter of the TV series will soon arrive on streaming, already we start talking about the fifth season and its possible conclusion. After all, it's no secret that the Duffer Brothers already had a clear idea of the ending of Stranger Things when they wrote it: they themselves had declared it in an interview.

Will Stranger Things 5 be the last chapter of the TV series?

If you are among the fans who have been passionate about the TV series that pays homage to the eighties, it will be hard to say goodbye. Hints of a close end for Stranger Things had already come from some of the main actors, but it was mainly the statements of creators Matt and Ross Duffer to sow discouragement.

During an interview after the airing on Netflix of the first season, the Duffer Brothers had said: "We've been thinking about the end of the show for a while. The truth is, we didn't know if we were going to go beyond the first season, so we like the idea of the first season that could basically work as a standalone piece, almost like a single season. But it had the potential to go beyond that. And if it did go further, we would have an idea of where it would end up. Yes, we have an ending in mind." Words that would hint that an ending is to be written and could come as early as next season.

Stranger Things 4, Hopper's fate drives towards the conclusion?

The tragic end envisioned for Sheriff Jim Hopper in season three had left a void and an excruciating doubt in the hearts of fans. Rumors from the actors and trailers of Stranger Things 4, however, suggest that there is still hope for Hopper. On the contrary, they seem to reassure that the sheriff will be a key character of the series this time as well, stepping into a more introspective role and ready to travel in hitherto unexplored fields.

Just behind Hopper's transformation, as well as that of the protagonists Eleven and the other boys of the gang Mike, Lucas, Will and the nice Dustin, could hide the story arc being concluded in the following season. It's still too early to say for sure if there will be a fifth season and if it will be the last, but what is certain is that the narrative is approaching a crucial turning point for the evolution of the story and its characters. So all that remains is to wait for the arrival on Netflix and enjoy the series episode after episode.