Strappare lungo i bordi: when Zerocalcare’s series comes out

Zerocalcare's animated series is coming to Netflix: when the Italian cartoonist's Strappare lungo i bordi comes out

A new Italian animated series is coming to Netflix and the one to sign it is Zerocalcare, alias of the famous cartoonist Michele Rech. After months of waiting, Strappare lungo i bordi finally has an official release date on the streaming platform.

Strappare lungo i bordi is a series written and directed by Zerocalcare, and produced by Movimenti Production in collaboration with BAO Publishing. The setting is well known and dear to the fans of the cartoonist and tells the adventures of Zerocalcare and his friends, ranging from childhood to the present day. In the 6 episodes of 15 minutes each, the cartoonist talks about the journey by train with his friends Sarah and Secco and does not even miss his friend Armadillo, whose voice the actor Valerio Mastandrea lends. So we just have to wait for the airing on Netflix to discover the adventures of the cartoonist.

Strappare lungo i bordi: la trama

Zerocalcare ventures into the world of animated series with Strappare lungo i bordi for Netflix, bringing on the streaming platform his well-known narrative universe in video version. The indiscretions about the plot are very few: the story tells about a train trip of Zerocalcare with his lifelong friends, Sarah and Secco, who are preparing to do something very difficult.

During the journey, there is no lack of flashbacks and anecdotes about the life of the cartoonist, ranging from his childhood to the present day. Memories of his school years alternate with existential reflections and dialogues with his friend Armadillo.

All the characters in the series are voiced by Zerocalcare, but only for Armadillo has an exceptional voice been chosen: that of the actor Mastandrea. The two of them will accompany viewers and fans of the cartoonist until the end of the story, where a surprise awaits them.

Strappare lungo i bordi: quando uscare

Zerocalcare's animated series was announced in December 2020 and since then no indiscretions were leaked until June, when the cartoonist posted a nice video on his social networks to reassure fans about the work in progress.

In the June video, they were ironic about an evil Netflix that like the eye of Sauron watches over everything, preventing Zerocalcare from revealing even the smallest detail. Now, however, there is an official release date: the 6 episodes of the series Strappare lungo i bordi (Tear Along the Edges) will arrive on Netflix starting November 17, and will have its world premiere on Monday, October 18 at the Rome Film Festival, where the first two episodes will be screened.