Streaming pirated soccer and movies, the Guardia di Finanza closes 152 sites

Maxi seizure ordered by the magistracy of Rome: the pirate sites allowed the illegal viewing of soccer matches, movies and TV series. Hit

The fight of the Guardia di Finanza against online piracy continues: this time 152 Italian sites that allowed the illegal streaming of soccer matches, basketball, tennis, movies and TV series have been affected. Among the most famous portals affected by the decision of the Court of Rome are and

This is not the first measure that affects online streaming sites in Italy, it is at least two years that the Guardia di Finanza carries out a fierce battle against portals that promote piracy. But never in Italy had it been possible to block access and obscure the vision of 152 streaming sites. The maxi seizure has been ordered by the Gip of Rome Alessandra Boffi and affects the main protagonists of the Italian scene. It all started on October 17 thanks to the communication of the crime by the Special Unit for Broadcasting and Publishing of the Guardia di Finanza to the Roman magistracy.

The reasons for the closure

The portals that have undergone the obstruction allowed users to enjoy free streaming of the Serie A championship and of the main European leagues. But not only that. Even basketball matches, tennis and any other sport available on their platform. Also websites that offered the vision of the latest movies and TV series were affected. The reason for the closure, as stated in the Gip order, is the violation of the rules protecting copyright. The online streaming sites had a real program schedule and earned money through banner advertising: it is estimated that the damage caused by piracy exceeds three billion a year.

Here are the sites shut down by the Guardia di Finanza