Su Tinder ora si possono bloccare gli ex, ecco come

Incontrare, seppur virtualmente, un ex su Tinder non è sempre una bella esperienza e per questo la piattaforma ha finalmente rilasciato per tutti la funzionalità per scegliere i profili da bloccare.


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Bloccare gli ex su Tinder. This is the new feature, particularly awaited by many, which allows users to avoid crossing their gaze - albeit virtual - with previous partners enrolled in the platform dedicated to dating, as well as relatives, friends and acquaintances who might unexpectedly reveal themselves among their swipe.

The update, with the introduction of selective blocking, has just been launched with a post through the official blog of the application. This is an addition that many were hoping to use to cut off from their profile all those acquaintances that would risk limiting their freedom of expression, especially in such a peculiar place. Tinder is one of the most used apps by people of all ages and sexual orientations, with numbers that are absolutely remarkable: the app has totaled more than 430 million downloads since its debut in 2012, and is now the most downloaded and used online dating app.

Tinder, how to apply the block

The feature, called "Block Contacts" works in a very simple but effective way. It acts not only on the profiles, preventing them from being viewed by those who are not liked, but also preventing them from appearing in the swipe swipe, that is, the selection pattern that contemplates scrolling to the right or left of the personal image of probable love interests, respectively, to show interest or discard the candidate in question.

To take advantage of the block, simply enter the profile and, subsequently, the relevant settings. By selecting "Block Contacts", you will then be able to choose directly from your smartphone's address book, selecting their name and phone number saved in the memory.

This will not only block already registered users, but also those who will register in a second phase. The application will be able to recognize the phone contact connected to the account once it is entered into the database by the new user. From that moment on, if that contact is already on Tinder or as soon as he registers on the platform, he will be blocked.

Tinder, with the summer goodbye to ex

According to what Tinder itself has stated, the newly introduced feature is a feature that arrives at a very specific historical moment: the return to face-to-face knowledge, and no longer via the internet. Now that the pandemic situation is slowly improving, and with the summer season approaching, the platform expects an increase, albeit partial, of approaches to new flirtations in person and a farewell to many of the relationships born on the net.

The app, which has recently focused mainly on the user experience and a more usable interface, has among its ambitions to create an online love journey similar to what members would experience in everyday life. Also, following the restrictions due to the presence of Covid-19, it has introduced some features including vaccination certifications and the integration of preferences for types of dating (real or virtual), increasingly aligning itself with the current condition to simplify the love life, and not, of its users.