Subscriptions secretly activated on users: the refund is automatic

TIM and Wind have activated an automatic procedure for the refund of unsolicited paid services. How it works

TIM and Wind have started a procedure for the automatic refund of VAS (value-added service) services fraudulently activated by third-party companies on the SIM card of some users. The procedure started after the customers of the two phone companies reported that they found themselves activated subscription services not required on phone numbers used for "normal" use.

In fact, the cards where value-added services have been activated (i.e. the monthly premium subscriptions that deduct from your credit a total of € per month to receive multimedia content - horoscope, songs, images) are not used to call, but only to give connectivity to smart devices, such as those designed for the smart home. Usually on this type of SIM card it should be impossible to activate premium subscriptions, but a third-party company specializing in this type of "scams" has managed to circumvent the block.

The two phone operators have decided to automatically refund users from whom sums have been illegally stolen and TIM has also launched an internal investigation to understand what went wrong.

How to deactivate paid services with TIM

Timmy customers have several tools at their disposal to request a refund if an unsolicited subscription service is activated. You can call the Unico Call Center toll-free at 800.44.22.99; send a free SMS to 119 with the words "claim unsolicited VAS services"; or call 119. To deactivate VAS services you can also use your personal area My Tim Mobile.

To prevent any kind of problem you can request the block of paid services. Just call the TIM customer care and ask the operator for the TIM SMS barring. The request is free of charge and in a few minutes you will no longer have to worry about the fraudulent activation of unsolicited subscriptions.

How to deactivate paid services with Wind

Also Wind offers its customers a very simple procedure to block, deactivate and ask for reimbursement of VAS services.

For SMS barring just call 155 and ask the operator to activate it, so you are safe from any future problems. If, on the other hand, we have been victims of the activation of an unsolicited subscription, we can ask for a refund by calling 155 or the AGCOM toll-free number 800.44.22.99.

To deactivate the VAS services we can call the same AGCOM number, access the Wind Customer Area or send an SMS to 48048.

How to deactivate VAS services with AGCOM

To disable unsolicited paid services in a few seconds you can use the AGCOM toll-free number 800.44.22.99. By following the instructions of the recorded voice you will deactivate your subscription in seconds. And then you can also request to speak to a consultant of your telephone operator.