Suburra 3, when the TV series comes out on Netflix

The third season of Suburra is among the most awaited by the audience. Shooting is finally resuming: here are the hypotheses about the plot and the probable streaming release

Aureliano, Spadino, Amedeo, Sara Monaschi and the others are about to return to the set. Who are we talking about? The characters who gave life to Suburra, the first Netflix original Italian TV series that has kept an ever-growing audience glued to the screen. Finally, the cast is warming up its engines and is ready to shoot the episodes of the third season, the final one, which promises to be full of novelties and twists.

After the forced interruption due to the pandemic, the rumors related to the arrival of the actors in Rome are more and more insistent, especially that of Giacomo Ferrara, who plays Spadino. The shooting should be imminent, it is even said that the first scenes of Suburra 3 will be shot in these days. As a result, we could see the new series soon, certainly by the end of the year.

Suburra 2: the last episode

Before venturing into hypotheses related to the plot of Suburra 3, let's take a brief step back and remember how the previous season ends. The last episode is titled "Tell me the truth" and is characterized by several twists.

First, the one related to Amedeo Cinaglia (Filippo Nigro) and his wife Alice (Rosa Diletta Rossi), who finally discovers that behind the political rise of her husband there is actually a lot of corruption. He convinces her to confess that the death of the Countess was at the hands of an immigrant and thus let the right-wing party win. Meanwhile, his complicity relationship with Sara Monaschi (Claudia Gerini) continues and the two of them kiss at the end of the episode. Amedeo alla fine stringerà una nuova alleanza con Samurai (Francesco Acquaroli), senza coinvolgere Aureliano (Alessandro Borghi) e Spadino.

E a proposito dei due protagonisti della serie, anche loro saranno coinvolti in numerose vicende che li porteranno ad unirsi ancora di più. Uno dei momenti più importanti della serie è legato alla confessione di Gabriele (Eduardo Valdarnini) ai due ragazzi: sotto minaccia ha stretto un’alleanza segreta con Samurai, senza dire loro nulla. Dopo la confessione il ragazzo si suicida, lasciando sotto choc i due amici. Contemporaneamente Aureliano si avvicina a Nadia (Federica Sabatini) e la bacia nelle ultime scene, mentre Spadino uccide il suo amante ed è intenzionato a diventare il nuovo capo della famiglia Anacleti e stringe una nuova alleanza con Adriano e Aureliano. Peccato che proprio nell’ultima scena dell’episodio, Manfredi Anacleti (Adamo Dionisi), il capo famiglia nonché fratello maggiore di Spadino si risveglia. E proprio questo finale potrebbe essere determinante per la terza stagione.

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Suburra 3: ipotesi sulla trama

Dopo aver rinfrescato le idee, passiamo alle più probabili ipotesi sulla trama di Suburra 3 fruibile presto in streaming. Innanzitutto, non si sa ancora se gli eventi si svolgeranno subito dopo la fine della seconda stagione oppure se passeranno mesi o anni a livello narrativo. Sicuramente l’ambientazione sarà ancora una volta Roma, Ostia e provincia: i luoghi sono determinanti per lo sviluppo della storia.

Ci sono degli eventi della seconda stagione che segneranno l’evoluzione della trama. First of all, the awakening of Manfredi Anacleti, which could upset the balance between the characters, not to mention that Amedeo could definitely switch to Samurai's side and dictate the new rules of the alliance. Another character that could have a greater importance in the third series is Adriano, the new accomplice of Aureliano and Spadino. In short, there are no certainties and it will still be some time before we can see the trailer of Suburra 3 and have a clearer picture.

When Suburra 3 comes out

Another indiscretion about Suburra 3 concerns the release. We'll probably see it as late as October 2020, which is less than four months away. Netflix's goal is to release the last season of Suburra by the end of 2020 and end the TV series for good.

How to watch Suburra streaming on Netflix

To refresh your memory a bit while waiting for the release of the new season, you can review the two seasons of Suburra streaming on Netflix. To do so, you need to be a subscriber to the platform and use one of the supported devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, console, smart TV). To watch Suburra 3 you need to launch the Netflix application, enter your credentials and search for "Suburra". By clicking on the banner that will appear on the screen, you will open the tab of the TV series and you can decide whether to review the first or second season. As for the language, there are no problems: Suburra is in Italian.