Summertime 2 arrives on June 3 with lots of news

Summertime starts on Netflix too: the second season of Summertime takes us back to summer vacations, first loves and new friendships. Here are details on plot, cast and release.

With the arrival of summer, the TV series that has made the beautiful season its flag returns: we are talking about Summertime, the Italian Netflix Original series produced by Cattleya. After the success of the first part, the new episodes will arrive on June 3 in all countries where the streaming service is active.

The audience will rediscover the summer atmosphere of the Adriatic coast, thanks also to the support of the Emilia-Romagna Film Commission. The story is inspired by the book Tre metri sopra il cielo by Federico Moccia. The protagonists are always them: Summer, Edo and Sofia who find themselves after a year to spend their vacations together. Of course there will also be Ale, who is now romantically involved with Lola and Dario who is instead looking for his own way. The boys in the new season will have to make very specific life choices, crucial to move into adulthood. Each one will have to become great in his own way. But of course there will be no shortage of emotions, love affairs and sighs typical of this age. An exceptional soundtrack will further enrich each episode.

Summertime 2: the music of the new season

The second season of Summertime will be dominated by an all-Italian soundtrack, made up of the most recent hits of the moment, those listened to and sung by teenagers, skilfully mixed with timeless classics, such as "Amore disperato" by Nada.

The images will be accompanied by the notes of "Fiamme negli occhi", the song by Coma_Cose presented at Sanremo 2021. Among the artists of the contemporary scene there will be Ariete, Franco126, Carl Brave, Margherita Vicario, Gio Evan, Frah Quintale, Fulminacci, Psicologi ft Madame, Svegliaginevra, Venerus and many others. Aries will feature his previously unreleased track "The Last Night" in the series.

Also returning to the cast will be singer-songwriter Thony who will play Isabella, Summer and Blue's mom. After the song "The Living I Know" composed for the first season, also in the second season we will find other unreleased songs such as "Trouble me too" and "We'll be fine".

Sumertime 2: the plot

After a year apart, the boys of Summertime meet again during the summer vacations. Many of them have changed and matured, but the summer is also an opportunity to catch up with old friends and loves.

Summer (Coco Rebecca Edogamhe), Edo (Giovanni Maini) and Sofia (Amanda Campana) have just passed their high school exams and during the summer they are busy choosing what to do with their future. Ale (Ludovico Tersigni) is busy with competitions in Spain and is back in Emilia-Romagna with Lola (Amparo PiƱero Guirao), his new girlfriend.

Dario (Andrea Lattanzi), on the other hand, is still inside his shell but finally in the second season he will have the chance to understand what he wants and how to get it. In short, the boys of Summertime have grown up. Nevertheless, when they find each other again they discover they still have a lot in common. Will Ale and Summer get carried away by old emotions too? We just have to wait for the new episodes to find out.

Summertime 2: release

Summertime 2 will be released on June 3, 2021 on Netflix.

The series is directed by Francesco Lagi, former co-director and co-writer of the first season, and Marta Savina. It is written by Enrico Audenino and Francesco Lagi, along with Daniela Gambaro, Luca Giordano and Vanessa Picciarelli.