Super Cashback creates problems for those who have a company car

Cashback scoundrels don't only damage gas stations, but also those who have a company car and use it for work.

As has become clear in recent days, gas stations are one of the favorite hunting grounds of those who have been renamed the "cashback scoundrels". Clamorous the case of the motorist of Cuneo that has made 62 transactions in 55 minutes to put 6 euros and a half of fuel in the tank.

The reason for the gesture is clear: to make more transactions to climb the semi-annual ranking of Super Cashback. A fact that is not surprising, if we consider that the first in the ranking has already exceeded 1,000 transactions in less than 40 days. The case of petrol stations, however, risks damaging even those who do not participate in the Cashback program and, in particular, two categories of workers: the petrol stations themselves and those who have a company car. La prima categoria è già sul piede di guerra e ha messo in mezzo i sindacati, la seconda scalpita in silenzio limitandosi a criticare i furbetti nei tanti gruppi Facebook dedicati al Cashback raccontando le proprie disavventure.

I benzinai contro i furbetti del Cashback

Il problema per i benzinai è duplice: innanzitutto hanno dei costi fissi per ogni transazione eseguita con carta, sia quando il cliente fa rifornimento al distributore sia in caso di “servito“.

Poi, come è noto, il prezzo del self service è sempre inferiore e su ogni litro il benzinaio guadagna un po’ meno. And since the smart ones logically choose the automatic one, during the closing hours of the refuelling station, the petrol stations lose twice. And the first declaration of one of the petrol stations' unions, Fegica Cisl, has already arrived: its national secretary Alessandro Zavalloni has in fact made it known that his category has asked the Ministry of Economy (already on January 20) to review the Cashback rules in a more restrictive sense.

If the Government were to intervene to correct this distortion, then, the ones who would suffer would be those who drive many miles for work, consuming a lot of fuel.

Cashback and the company car

As is known, those who have a company car, if they pay for gasoline with a company card, are not entitled to Cashback. But this is not so much the problem, because very often companies allow employees to pay for gas with their own card and then present the receipt or receipt to have the amount refunded.

But here comes the problem, a very practical one that borders on the grotesque: Cashback scoundrels, by dint of making rapid transactions when service stations are closed, devour the rolls of thermal paper from gas stations.

This way many honest workers, after having filled up their company car with gas, find themselves without a receipt to show to the company. A decidedly unpleasant situation that forces them to fill out a self-certification that the company doesn't always accept.