Super Cashback, the ranking changes again: here’s why

Still shaking in the Super Cashback ranking but no one knows when we will have the final one: here's what's happening and why.


Giuseppe Croce Journalist

Peppe Croce, journalist since 2008, deals with electronic devices and new technologies applied to the automotive world. He joined Libero Tecnologia in 2018.

Almost two weeks after the end of the first half of the State Cashback, and three days after what was supposed to be the closing date of the ranking (July 10), still no one knows for sure who will win the 1,500-euro prize of the Super Cashback reserved for the 100,000 who have made the most valid transactions.

According to rumors, which, however, do not find any official confirmation, the end of the counts will take place on July 15. In the meantime, however, no official communication has been received from PagoPA, and many of those who have participated in the program are beginning to wonder if they will win the prize. Because the ranking is anything but stationary, even if the transactions processed are growing extremely slowly. A heart-stopping finale, then, for an initiative that was born to push electronic payments but that perhaps required a higher-level technical infrastructure and more precise rules.

Super Cashback: slow accounts

One week ago, on July 6, the Cashback information dashboard showed 758,292,228 transactions processed by PagoPA since the beginning of the semester. Today, as we write, the same dashboard tells us that we have arrived at 758,723,653 transactions processed.

In one week, therefore, 431,425 transactions have been processed, or about 60,000 per day on average. But it's not over yet: within the IO app, in the Cashback section, there is still a message that says: "We are waiting to receive the last transactions, to calculate the refunds. You'll receive a message when the transaction is completed".

Super Cashback: shocks in the rankings

According to what IO communicated, then, the delay is due to the fact that the payment circuits have not yet provided PagoPA with data on all transactions. This, at least in part, is true: many users claim to see the number of valid transactions still growing, even if by a few units.

But there is also a second reason that causes strong changes in the ranking: the skimming of the famous microtransactions, considered invalid because contrary to the Cashback regulation, which has been going on for days. This is also confirmed, because other users are seeing down, and not up, the number of payments accounted for.

The result is that some participants are going up, or down, in the standings with jumps of 250-300 positions in a day. But it's by widening the perspective that you understand how many transactions have been cancelled.

Super Cashback: our test

We participated in the State Cashback by registering on IO, adding several cards and making purchases like everyone else in order to directly experience how the system works (and malfunctions, in some cases). We stopped at only 54 transactions: just enough to be sure we had reached the threshold for ordinary Cashback and to display the ranking on the IO app.

In early July, when all 54 transactions had been counted, our test profile was in a very low position: above us there were well over 6 million participants. Today, July 13, we're at position 5,671,054.

Without doing anything at all, then, we've gained about half a million positions in the rankings.