Super Cashback transfer: it has arrived

The wait is over: the first transfers have already arrived on the current accounts of the winners of the Super Cashback

UPDATE 02/12/21 - On various forums and Facebook groups frequented by "cashbackers" it's raining screenshots: the first 1,500 euro transfers of the Super Cashback have arrived. It closes, in beauty, the long wait for the 100,000.

Original article of 1/12/21:

Consap, the public company controlled by the Ministry of Economic Development in charge of disbursing the 1,500 euro prizes of the Super Cashback, extinguishes the controversy arising from the delay accumulated to date and officially announces when the crediting of the prize will arrive on the bank account indicated through the IO app.

A "hot" communication, one might say, given that just on Monday (i.e. one day before the deadline) it had in a sense put its hands forward by officially communicating that "the administrative procedures relating to the disbursement of payments due to those entitled are being finalized. Therefore, already in the next few days Consap will be able to proceed with the completion of the credits". Today, however, a new communication much more reassuring: the money is coming, the 100 thousand will not have to wait much longer to see the transfer of 1,500 euros coming into the account.

Super Cashback transfer: when it arrives

The communication of the date of crediting of the transfers arrives, once again, through the official site of Consap and is what the winners of the Super Cashback wanted to hear, for weeks: "By today, the payment provisions relating to the Super Cashback will be completed. Therefore, subject to technical banking times for the crediting of transfers, those entitled will be able to start viewing the prize due from December 3, 2021".

"Starting from" and not "by", because each bank has its own time to credit a transfer. But at least the news is certain and official: by tonight the payment instructions are completed, by tomorrow the transfers start, from December 3 the money arrives on current accounts.

The end of Cashback

With the disbursement of the Super Cashback awards, therefore, the government program of refunds for purchases made in physical stores, but with electronic payment, is definitely closed. As we know, in fact, the Draghi government has cancelled the measure and there will not be a second semester of Cashback.

We also close the endless controversy about the so-called "Cashback scoundrels", who are largely in the list of 100 thousand winners of the super prize of 1,500 euros. It would not be explained, if not with repeated bursts of microtransactions, how in 100 thousand have managed to make the at least 787 transactions needed in such a short time.

In any case, those who appreciated the measure still have a faint hope of seeing a Cashback 2.0: the 5 Star Movement has in fact asked for the restoration of the measure.