Super Green Pass: the app is missing

The introduction of the Super Green Pass will require a new app to check certificates: the current C19 Verification, in fact, cannot distinguish between a normal certificate and a super

Among the novelties of the last "Covid Decree" approved during the Council of Ministers of November 24 there is the so-called "Reinforced Green Pass" or, as everyone calls it, "Super Green Pass". In order to cope with the rise of contagions, in fact, the Government has decided to change the rules governing the current anti Covid green certification and has introduced a new type of certificate. To obtain the Super Green Pass will no longer suffice only the swab, but it will be necessary the vaccination against Covid.

The Green Pass, in practice, from now on will be of two different types and, from December 6, it will be necessary to have the "super" to carry out many recreational activities such as going to the restaurant, bar, gym, disco. Instead, the "basic" Green Pass will be sufficient for outdoor activities that, however, with the arrival of winter will be very few. Those who manage restaurant and entertainment activities indoors, however, with the Green Pass Strengthened will no longer have to comply with the previous limits of capacity. Finally, the vaccination requirement (and therefore the Super Green Pass) is also extended to school personnel and the forces of law and order. In the face of all these changes, however, a problem arises: the official app of the Ministry of Health to check Green Passes, namely Verify C19, is no longer good.

Super Green Pass: the problem Verify C19

Verify C19 is a very simple app, because it has to do a very simple task: scan the QR code of the Green Pass, check the public key associated with it and verify that it is a valid certificate.

The problem, however, is that soon the Green Passes to be checked will be of two different types and will be used to do different things. For example, the owner of a restaurant will not only have to check that the customer has a valid Green Pass, but also that it is a Super Green Pass.

This means that the C19 Verification app will be updated so that it will be able to tell the person checking the Green Pass not only if the certificate shown by the customer is valid, but also if it is "super" or "basic". In the next few days, therefore, those who have installed Verification C19 on their Android or iOS smartphones will receive an update of the app and it will be essential to accept its installation.

Super Green Pass: nothing changes at work

Aside from the news for school personnel and the Police Force, nothing changes for all other workers who can continue to work with the basic Green Pass.

In large companies where automated control systems have been installed to verify Green Passes, therefore, it will not be necessary to update these systems because the current applications, based on the same C19 Verification code, will continue to work.