Super Mario Run, the anticipation grows. It will be the best-selling game ever

According to some predictions, the video game could earn $200 million on the first day it's downloadable from Apple's store

Miitomo first, and Pokemon Go later, shattered record after record. But Super Mario Run is poised for unprecedented success. The game is not yet available, but a spasmodic global anticipation is accompanying its launch scheduled for December 15.

Millions, in fact, are looking forward to buying the mobile video game. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, more than 20 million users signed up in October to be notified when Super Mario Run will be downloadable from the California-based company's store. Despite the price. The game created by Shigeru Miyamoto will cost, in fact, almost 10 euros. A high amount that, according to these forecasts, will bring millions of dollars into the coffers of Apple and Nintendo. If these numbers are confirmed, in fact, only the first day Super Mario will gross $ 200 million: 30% will go to the Cupertino company and the rest will end up to the Japanese company.

Will it be the first ever?

But there are those who think differently. According to SensorTower, the very high price tag could instead hold back much of that 20 million. The company, in fact, claims that the video game of the plumber from the red hat the first month will earn "only" 71 million dollars. Well below the 143 obtained by Pokemon Go and the 107 of Clash Royale. Meanwhile, numbers aside, the big day is approaching. The game will be launched simultaneously in 151 countries in several languages and will be available only for iOS.

New Console

(Taken from YouTube)

The expectations that Nintendo places in Super Mario Run are also justified by another reason: the launch of the new console expected during the first months of 2017. After the difficulties encountered with the Wii U, the company hopes that the success of Super Mario Run can bring mobile gamers from smartphones to the console. A tough task considering the two main competitors: Sony and Microsoft.