#Supererrors, the Postal Police cartoons for online privacy

This is a miniseries promoted by Generazioni Connesse to draw the attention of younger people to the dangers of the web

Young people are the category most affected by the dangers of the web. To raise the awareness of teenagers and parents, the #Supererrors are back, a miniseries promoted by Generazioni Connesse and, among other partners, by the Postal Police, to draw attention to the dangers that hide on the web.

The series will deal with serious topics in a fun way using 7 characters: Chat Woman, the Incredible Url, the Taggo Man, the Visible Girl, Silver Selfie, Tempestata and the Black Postman. The campaign will last six weeks, during which the adventures, or rather the misadventures, of the protagonists will be broadcast. The aim of the initiative of SIC, the Safe Internet Centre of Generazioni Conconne, is to highlight the wrong behaviours committed on the web, trying to provide useful advice on how to avoid them. The episodes of the miniseries will be broadcast from September 25 to November 5, 2017 on the social channels and on the website of Connected Generations.

The awareness campaign

The campaign "Six weeks for a safe web", starting on Thursday, September 28, will also come to television. The episodes of the miniseries will be broadcast on RAI, Mediaset, Sky and La 7.

The focus of the initiative is the relationship between young people and the web, who are often victims of the dangers of the web. The episodes will deal with many sensitive issues, such as online privacy, sexting, a social scourge that affects adolescents in particular, fake news or the use of images on the Internet.

The miniseries aims to help young people and parents understand the risks to be avoided online. Mistakes on the web will be deepened with the help of funny characters, precisely the Super-errors, in order to arouse more interest in the young audience.

The campaign will provide teachers with didactic material, downloadable from the SIC website, related to each topic, that they will be able to use in class to deepen these themes.

The Internet represents a resource that at the same time, if not known in depth, risks to turn into a danger. To make the expenses are above all the youngest, that often use the net with superficiality.

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