Surprise. Google makes you play with Pacman on Google Maps

Ahead of the April Fool's Day anniversary, Google's map service will turn into a battleground for the famous game Ms. Pac-Man

Every year, when April Fool's Day happens, Google Maps updates for just 24 hours with some surprising and fun features. According to several rumors, this year Google's maps service could reintroduce an old classic. Apparently, in fact, the maps will be transformed into the Ms. Pac-Man game.

This is not an absolute novelty. In 2015, the developers turned the service into a playground for Pac-Man. This time it will be Ms. Pac-Man's turn to entertain users instead. Are you wondering how to play the game? Simple, just launch the Google Maps app and click on the pink button on your right, at the bottom. The game doesn't start from our real position but we'll be transported to a random point in the world. At that point the maps will turn into a Pac-Man playground and the retro-flavored challenge will begin. There's only one problem: the game is very addictive.

How to play Pac-Man on Google Maps

To escape the various ghosts for as long as possible, you'll have five lives. The version of the game is structured on several levels and we can also decide to play on the map of our home or office. Or on the map of a city where we have lived or that we would like to visit soon. Although it must be said that some people were disappointed because they expected Google to do something more innovative for April Fools' Day than a revival of a few years ago.