Survival School: the film with Bear Grylls arrives on Netflix

After the success of the TV series with Bear Grylls, Netflix brings an experimental film to the screens: it will be an interactive film in which the viewer participates in the development of the plot.

When talking about breathtaking adventures and experiences at the limit, many people immediately think of a television character. We're talking about Bear Grylls, the explorer protagonist of many documentaries shot in the most treacherous places on the planet, from forests to glaciers.

Netflix has announced a new collaboration with the explorer and TV host. On February 16, 2021, the interactive film School of Survival: Safari Mission will arrive on streaming. It will be set right in a nature preserve where, the Northern Irish host and explorer, will have to deal with a sudden power outage. His objective will be to restore the power and prevent some animals from escaping and approaching the nearby villages. The film is related to the TV series of the same name present on Netflix since 2019. Its peculiarity is definitely the interaction, in fact it will be the audience to guide the choices of Bear Grylls scene after scene. The title is therefore perfect for those who love to watch documentaries and movies set in the wildest lands and many times would like to enter the screen to help the protagonist to survive.

School of Survival: here is the plot

One of the features of the film is that it is an interactive content, that is, characterized by a plot that develops according to the choices of the viewer. During the vision, the story will stop asking the user to choose between different alternatives that allow it to develop in different ways. For this reason, it is not characterized by a static plot, but this can change from person to person. It is not the first title of this type, Black Mirror had also experimented with interactivity.

But let's go back to the movie: everything starts when in a Safari there is a lack of electricity. Bear Grylls then must intervene both to restore the electricity and to keep the animals from straying. In fact, during the narration a lion manages to escape to a nearby village, while a baboon runs towards the sea. There will be no shortage of adventure and the spirit of adaptation that has always characterized the programs with Bear Grylls.

School of Survival: Movie Release with Bear Grylls

School of Survival: Safari Mission will debut in the Netflix catalog on February 16, 2021. It will then be available to all those who have subscribed to the service.

The title School of Survival (You vs. Wild the original one) is certainly not new on the streaming platform. In fact, already for two years is also available the interactive TV series that allows you to guide Bear Grylls in his adventures in the most treacherous wild places in the world. Also in this case, the viewer can guide the character in his adventures.

While waiting for the movie you could then watch some episodes of the series. After all, the explorer is currently working on new installments of the series, one of which will be set in Italy, in the beautiful - but also complex to deal with - scenery of the Dolomites.