Swiss soccer, super glasses for goalkeepers stimulate the brain

The company VisionUp has created smart glasses that stimulate the brain and the muscles of the eyeball, and even the Swiss national soccer team uses them

Usually a goalkeeper wearing glasses is not exactly a sign of great reliability between the posts. The Japanese company Vision Up, however, wants to overturn this belief. The company has developed special Strobe Glasses, smart glasses, which are being tested with the Swiss soccer team.

It is no coincidence that the two Swiss goalkeepers in recent training, in view of the challenge to Latvia for the qualification for the next World Cup, were presented in field with sunglasses. This is neither the latest trend nor a fashionable look. The developers, in fact, let it be known that the glasses can enhance the eyesight and increase the athletic skills of the number ones. And of course, they could also be used outside of the world of soccer. The Strobe Glasses are battery-powered and use visual mechanisms to stimulate the brain.

How do the Strobe Glasses

The glasses of the Japanese company, thanks to visual stimuli, prevent the degeneration of the cornea. Are you wondering how they work? Simple, once worn they begin to emit a series of flashing lights that give the impression of being blind for a few moments. This serves to stimulate the eyeball and the muscles and movements of the eye. Specifically, the goalies were also trained with a "slow-motion" lens that slowed down their perception of reality. From Vision Up they say these workouts can increase the sense of anticipation and decrease reaction time.

Features and price

From the Japanese company, they say that just wearing the glasses for 15 minutes every two or three days for a period ranging from two to three months is enough to increase personal visual acuity by 10%. Therefore, the glasses are not only indicated for sportsmen and professionals but for everyone. As confirmed by the various models created by Vision Up. There are different colors, from black to red and blue. In addition there are Strobe Glasses for adults and children. The price? A little over 400 euros. The glasses are sold with a USB cable and a remote control.