Technology and sport: smart ski boots arrive

Thanks to special sensors that will be mounted on the boots, during the competitions it will be possible to see live the speed of the skiers

After soccer, basketball and cycling, also skiing becomes technological and integrates real-time statistics. From the next World Championships in St Mortiz in February 2017, fans will be able to see live the main data of skiers' descents. Everything to offer an increasingly comprehensive service.

The collection of data will be carried out by special sensors that will be mounted on the boots and will allow fans to live the television experience to three hundred and sixty degrees. This innovation will allow both fans and skiers to analyze the descent and understand the critical points of the course and where they can improve their performance. Skiing is certainly not the first sport to use this special type of sensor: soccer and basketball in particular have made it a real philosophy, with the birth of new companies specializing in data analysis.

The future of skiing

The innovation has already been tested in Soelden during the first race of this year's World Cup, but will be officially launched in St Mortiz during the World Championships. The chip that will be mounted on the boots integrates special movement sensors and a radar in order to transmit in real time all the data collected. All this has been made possible thanks to the work of Longines, official partner of the International Ski Federation. In addition to the maximum speed and acceleration, users will be able to take advantage of special statistics such as the time it takes to reach 100 km/h and the length of jumps.

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