Telegram doesn’t work: March 5, 2018 what’s happening

Telegram is down in most of Europe: the first malfunctions were reported by 10:30 am and messages are not sent

Telegram is not working in most of Europe. The messaging app used by many users as an alternative to WhatsApp does not allow either to send or receive messages. Every time you try to log in to conversations, a little wheel with the words "Connect" appears at the top.

The first problems were reported around 10:30 a.m. and at 10:40 a.m. on Telegram's official Twitter account a message appeared warning users that the service is temporarily not working in some European countries. On Twitter, the hashtag #telegramdown immediately entered the trending topic of the most used, despite the fact that today is post-election day and most of the tweets are politically motivated. Telegram wanted to reassure users that it is already working to solve the problem and in the next few minutes everything will be back to normal.

Why Telegram is not working 

From the reports sent by users on the site, which specializes in collecting feedback from people when a service is not working, the problems are concentrated mainly in the Old Continent. The countries most affected, in addition to Italy, are Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France. But also some areas of Finland and Norway.

The reasons why Telegram does not work are unknown, but usually in these cases the problems are mainly related to the company's servers. Within a few hours everything should be back to normal.

Alternatives to Telegram

If Telegram down does not allow you to chat with your friends, you do not have to worry. There are some great alternatives you can use, starting with WhatsApp, which now provides the same level of protection as Telegram. Another good alternative is Facebook Messenger.