Telegram launches Telegraph, the anonymous publishing platform is Telegram's new publishing platform: clean, simple and that does not require any registration to use it

Important news at Telegram. The Durov brothers, in fact, have launched, a platform dedicated to the world of blogging. presents itself with a minimal, almost anonymous interface, where you just need to enter a title, your name, and start writing - or copy and paste - what you want.

Those who write online for passion or profession will immediately realize that is a very light blogging platform. One glance is enough to realize it. But another detail immediately jumps out at you... where are the formatting tools? How do you add images? What about videos? Telegram to work on a "graphical" level on text offers basic tools, but relies on Markdown for more professional formatting. For the rest, there are the essentials... the commands are all there, but they appear only when they are needed. The story ends with a click or a tap on Publish.

Simple, fast and anonymous offers all the tools you need to write an article without pretending to be a CMS (Content Management System), which is a professional platform to manage an entire site. It allows you to create an article page with all the elements you need: title, author, text body and images. There are also basic tools for formatting, even in a more "animated" thanks to the hand of Markdown, to add images within the text - with a caption - to insert tweets, videos (YouTube and Vimeo) simply by copying the link and pressing Enter. And then what? Once the article is finished, you copy the URL and paste it where you want, send it by email or share it on social networks. That's it. If then, it may happen, you change your mind or you realize a "typo", a click (or touch) on Edit and that's it. But you can take advantage of this opportunity only as long as the browser session is active., as mentioned, does not require the registration of an account, which, if on the one hand makes the publication of an article extremely convenient and fast, on the other hand puts some shade on its possible use, how to say, not very correct. What if someone pretends to be someone else? Assuming the identity of someone else in is very easy...

Telegram also pulls out of the hat... is not the only news coming from the new version 3.14 of Telegram. The instant messaging program introduces other features as well. Instant View (Instant View in English) allows, as the name suggests, instant access to articles from and other sites, a bit like Facebook's Instant Articles (interactive articles in Italian) and Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for instant loading of "heavy" content such as graphics, videos, and very elaborate advertisements. Other new features are the Shared Groups that shows - in the profile of your contacts - the list of all the groups you share with that person, Go to date that allows you to view messages sent on a specific day using the calendar. And we couldn't miss a new wave of stickers to liven up the chats.