Telegram: new feature makes chats deleted even on other devices

Do you want to delete Telegram messages? Now you can: discover this and other features that the messaging app has introduced for users

Every time we send a message, photograph, video or other material we put our privacy at risk. Data could be intercepted by third parties and removed from our control. Fortunately, today the most popular messaging apps use end-to-end encryption to avoid annoying intrusions.

Among the applications that use this technology there is also Telegram. This service is one of the most widely used in the world, and it features an excellent level of security. Since a few days, users can be even more relaxed: Telegram has introduced a new feature that allows you to delete messages sent and received from other devices as well. These conversations will disappear from both your device and your partner's device, leaving no trace. The feature is destined to revolutionize the application in devices all over the world. But that's not all, there are lots of new features to try.

How to delete chats from Telegram

The Unsend feature was introduced two years ago and allowed you to delete chats within 48 hours of sending at most. Now it can be used to delete all messages sent and received and can be performed from any device, just sign in with your Telegram account. This feature was created to increase the level of security, and protect the privacy of those involved.

In addition to this feature, Telegram also offers to delete the author's name from a forwarded message. For example, if a contact sends a communication from you to a group or other person, your name will not appear next to the traditional From. This way, no one will be able to prove that it was you who sent that message. To enable the feature and remove your name from forwarded messages, you can go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Forwarded Messages and make them anonymous from here. Also, you can now restrict your account information to a certain number of people.

Other new features of Telegram

Aside the ability to delete chats and obscure the sender from forwarded messages, the app introduces new features for its users. The first new feature is the ability to perform a quick search inside Settings and navigate inside the FAQ section looking for answers on how the app works. The search is also refined for those who want to find particular emoji and GIF that can now be found immediately by typing the relevant keyword on the search bar. For example, typing smile will bring up all the symbols that smile. Finally, Telegram has also added supports for accessibility features: VoiceOver for iOS and TalkBAck for Android. These are all the new features that affect the Telegram update, and they are bound to revolutionize the lives of users.