Telegram news: here are animated emoji

The messaging platform developed by Pavel Durov introduces animated smilies. At the moment the novelty is in beta phase, but it will be released soon

In the fierce competition between online messaging apps, the watchword is "differentiation" and Telegram has always shown the way. An example of this is the introduction at the beginning of July of animated stickers, a sort of mix between "fixed" stickers and GIFs that can guarantee a quality and fluidity superior to the classic animated images.

The latest novelty is always about "multimedia" communication and is in addition to the many tools already present on Telegram. In addition to GIFs, emoji, "static" stickers and "animated" stickers, users will be able to exchange on private chats and Telegram groups animated emoji. The novelty will be deployed with the new update of the messaging platform, expected in the coming days.

Telegram: the new animated emoji

The new animated emoji have been made known by the Russian instant messaging platform itself, which, in an ad hoc created Telegram channel, showed what the animated emoji will be and quaIe their operation. The channel was created within the 5.10 beta version of Telegram for iOS, but once they are introduced they will work on any device, regardless of the operating system used.

The animated emoji, as seen in the video released by Durov himself, will be aesthetically identical to the "static" ones, but with a themed animation that makes the faces more expressive.

When will the animated emoji arrive on Telegram

When will we be able to use the new animated emoji? For now, mouths are sealed in Russia. No further information about the features of the new animated emoji has been officially released yet, and nothing is known about the possible release date. For now, it is safe to assume that the new "smilies" in motion may arrive on our smartphones with the next update of the application, the 6.0.