Telegram not working June 27. What’s happening

Telegram is not working worldwide: since 14:00 today it does not allow to send messages. Unknown, for the moment, the causes of the down of the application

Telegram is down since 14:00 on June 27. The instant messaging application is creating a lot of problems for users and does not allow either to send new messages or to receive them. At the moment the causes of the problem are not known, but Telegram staff is working to solve the malfunction.

It is certainly not the first time that the messaging application created by the Durov brothers does not work: a few months ago it was down for an entire night due to a power outage that knocked out the servers that host Telegram.When you access the application, you can not establish a connection with the servers and in the top bar remains motionless the words "I connect...". Anche questa volta il problema sembra essere abbastanza grave: l’hashtag #TelegramDown è immediatamente schizzato nelle prime posizioni del Trending Topic di Twitter e centinaia di utenti segnalano che Telegram non funziona. Per il momento gli account social dell’azienda russa non hanno rilasciato nessuna informazione sul perché Telegram è down: probabilmente stanno cercando di risolvere il problema al più presto.

Perché Telegram non funziona


The areas where Telegram doesn't work

The reasons why Telegram is down are unknown: in such cases the cause of the malfunction is always the servers that are used by the application to work.

The problem seems to have affected the application all over the World: on the site, which collects reports from users when a service is not working, there are thousands of messages of people who are looking for information on why Telegram is down. From the map on the site, Telegram is not working in the whole of Italy, in the Netherlands, in the South of the United Kingdom and in some areas of France and Spain.

Alternatives to Telegram

If you were chatting with your friend on Telegram you don't have to worry, you can continue to do so using one of the many alternatives to Telegram. The most obvious one is logically WhatsApp: the functions present are more or less the same and most people have an account on the most used application in the world. If you don't like WhatsApp, another good alternative is Facebook Messenger: simple to use and used by over a billion people. For those looking for a secure instant messaging application that uses the latest techniques to encrypt messages, the best possible choice is Signal. The app is free and also allows you to make encrypted video calls.