Telegram, now you can collect chats in folders: how it works

Pavel Durov's messaging platform now allows you to organize chats in folders/tables, so as to facilitate navigation between the various conversations

Telegram continues to update and offer new features and tools to its users. In the last few hours, WhatsApp's rival instant messaging platform has released update 6.0 with which it is possible, among other new features, to collect chats in folders.

With the new feature, users will be able to make order among conversations, dividing them by "thematic areas". You will be able to create folders with group chats, the one dedicated to work colleagues or Telegram channels with Amazon deals. But this is not the only new feature that Telegram adds to its sixth major release: Pavel Durov's app also adds new statistics, so that managers of more "full-bodied" channels can check the progress of their activities.

Organize chats into folders

The division of Telegram chats into folders resembles, when tested, the tabs of a browser. The folders you create, in fact, will be displayed by way of tabs at the top of the app's screen. To read the conversations inside them, you'll just have to click on the name of the folder/tab and scroll through the list.

Creating a folder on Telegram is pretty simple, although the procedure differs between the iOS and Android versions of the app. On Android devices you need to access the settings menu and click on the "Folders" item, on Apple phones and tablets you need to hold down the "Chat" icon located at the bottom of the screen to access the new menu that allows you to create folders.

Telegram offers two default folders, "Unread" and "Personal", but you can create custom folders based on your specific personal needs, to which you can add group conversations or contacts that you prefer. The folders will then also be available in the Web or Desktop version of the messaging platform.

How to archive unwanted chats

With the new version of the messaging platform, you can now also archive unwanted chats. Simply swipe from right to left to see the chat disappear from the main screen, while if you want to "mute" multiple chats at once, just select them by holding down on the name for a few seconds and then click on the down arrow icon. To retrieve them, just go into the archived chats folder and swype from right to left again.

Telegram 6.0: other news

With the new Telegram update, those who have a channel with more than 1000 subscribers can access their complete statistics. This is a new traffic analysis tool that can offer important details about the performance of posts, interactions and notifications in terms of numbers. Finally, new animated emoji are available, as well as the ability to play dice by throwing a six-sided dice within the chat and channels by simply clicking on the dice-shaped emoji. It's a fun game that's also useful for settling disputes in a friendly manner.